Automotive Tooling Process

As market leader in the automotive tooling industry, giving our clients full visibility to review our work at any stage is an integral part to how we function. Below is the step-by-step automotive tooling process.

1. Enquiries

Any enquiries will be handled professionally and promptly. Please send click here to make the first introduction.

2. Concept Model and Review

Assuming we are supplied with detailed 3D part data, we can offer a full DFM (Design For Manufacture) review service, should it be required.

3. Prototyping

We can supply prototype tooling and part production on short lead times. Tools are injection-moulded and closely representative of actual production tools, capable of producing early stage parts for testing and design reviews.

4. Component Design

As part of the criteria for supplying tooling, all part designs supplied are checked. The client would offer any improvements that would enhance the final design for consideration.

5. Moldflow

We supply a Moldflow report upon confirmed nomination. This is done with the hot runner suppliers and would be used to ensure that all parties agree the feeds, cycle times and flow patterns are acceptable.

6. Tool Procurement

AAC Technology works with our clients and suppliers to ensure that the final choice of toolmaker and country of manufacture is chosen to deliver within budget and on time.

7. Tool Design

Tools are always designed to match the customer specification. Design reviews are conducted with all parties involved so a final design can be signed off promptly.

8. Project Management

We provide a very robust project management service, taking into consideration the individual needs of the client from concept to production and then beyond with a warranty back up through the life of the production required.

9. Production

If needed partners can be found to supply the production volumes for early stage production or alternatively, for the life of the project.

10. Production Procurement

Production procurement by the client can be through AAC Technology or directly with the production plant.