Malcolm Cawkwell - Project / Account Manager

Malcolm Cawkwell

- Project / Account Manager


I have over 35 years' experience working in the plastics industry, including toolmaking, project management and processing. I've worked with sectors ranging from kitchen and bathroom manufacturers, packaging manufacturers, through to automotive parts manufacturing, and Teir 1 suppliers into OEM. I have extensive experience in how the automotive industry works, and considerable knowledge of working with toolmakers from UK supply base, European suppliers, and Far East suppliers.

I have been married for 35 years with two children: Emma, 32 years old, married with 1 child, Ellie, and Laura, who is 23 years old and planning to marry next year. I have lived in the same village all my life and would not change it for all the money in the world.

Main Responsibilities

To manage and service the daily needs of our customers by relaying the requirements to our Far East toolmakers and office and making sure the information is fed back in a timely manner. I ensure projects run smoothly, efficiently and on-time, within the project budget.

Where is your ideal holiday destination?

I have been to Vietnam recently, and was taken aback by the scenery and the friendliness of the people. I would love to visit Laos and Cambodia.